iProgress represents a play on words. The ‘i’ signifies Internet and obviously conjures the successful line of Apple products. It also acts as the subject of a short but meaningful sentence about a state of being, in perpetual motion. “I progress.” Progess, as a verb, is preferable to the modifier ‘progressive’, and certainly to the strictly confined notion of being ‘a progressive.’

The scope and vision of iProgress is to open a monologue about our media ecology, especially as it pertains to community, democracy, and the moral and ethical direction of humanity. That monologue begins with me, but must become a dialogue or a “multilogue” in order to be most effective. Please join me. Hop aboard the progression and enjoy the ride.

Mike Plugh


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    mikeplugh said,

    I should also note that, not exclusive to progressive word play, iConserve would be appropriate in the context of this blog and its projects. Neil Postman’s “Teaching as a Conserving Activity” would be inspiration to the process by which this blog was created and should ultimately progress. Verbs not nouns. Action not things. Process not products. That what we deal in here.

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